The first Soundcloud based synthesizer app!

Welcome to CloudSynth, the world's first iPhone synthesizer app that allows you to access SoundCloud music as a creative library. Choose any SoundCloud sound, then map it onto a keyboard or drumpad for fully flexible playback. Pure Data, Pure Cloud, Pure Synthy Awesomeness!

All Pro Features now included in the basic version!

CloudSynth - briomusic


CloudSynth lets you browse through sounds on SoundCloud as the source to create a new and amazing synth experience.

  • Search sounds by name, user and duration
  • Pre-listen and select the sound
  • SAMPLER MODE: play the sound at different pitch
  • SYNTH MODE: select a portion of the waveform and create new unexpected granular sounds
  • PAD MODE : assign a different sound to each pad
  • INTER APP AUDIO MODE: play and record Cloudsynth remotely from a compatible app (i.e. Garageband)
  • Rotate the iPhone to modulate Reverb and Delay
  • COREMIDI: play Cloudsynth from a CoreMidi compatible device or over a Network Session

Tech Specs

CloudSynth is a native iOS App with an Open Source heart.

The browser for sounds has been developed using the SoundCloud API.

The Audio Engine has been developed as a PD (Pure Data) patch, while libPD is taking care of the rest.

The communication between the parts and the interface has been developed in Objective-C.


CloudSynth was developed during a 24 hours hackathon, Audio Hack Day, at Campus Party Europe in Berlin, August 2012.

The team developed the main functionalities and interface in one day.
CloudSynth won first prize against 10 other hacks!

To optimize user experience, more features have now been added.


Brio Taliaferro - @briomusic
iOS developer, music producer
Alessandro Contini - @CNTLSN
Interaction designer, sound geek, occasional coder
Daniele Guevara -
Designer for live performance and multimedia enthusiast


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